We offer the following services and have the flexibility to add more as our clients’ needs arise.  At Professional Image we would like to offer you a solution, call or email us today to discuss options and check our latest promotion.

Personalized Telephone Answering Service

We will answer your telephone with a personalized message based on your instructions. Calls can be redirected to another land line, your cell phone or your voice-mail box. We can accommodate your ever changing communication needs.

Mail and Parcel Handling

We can receive all your mail and parcel deliveries. As a virtual office client, you can use our downtown mailing address on all your business documents – business cards, promotional tools, professional directories. You no longer have to use a non-descriptive Post Office Box Number.

Desktop Publishing, Word Processing and Data Entry

If you need documents pEmail, fax or deliver your original documents to our office. When we have completed your job, you can receive the digitally formatted document on hard copy (paper), CD, floppy disc or emailed to your address. We operate on a PC platform using Microsoft Office XP and Adobe Writer to produce the following:

  • Resumes
  • Forms
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Business Cards
  • Business Letters/Memos
  • Manuscripts
  • Manuals
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Spreadsheets
  • Reports
  • Transcription
  • Newsletter Articles
  • Term Papers
  • Theses
  • Lesson Plans
  • Job Descriptions
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Mailing Lists

Digital Photocopying and Printing

We can handle all your printing needs on our high resolution, digital colour printer which collates, sorts, staples and hole-punches your documents automatically. Send us your print jobs via email and we can have them ready for pickup at your convenience. Rates will vary based on volume.

Transcriptions from Digital files and Micro-tapes

We can transcribe your audio recording & dictations from digital files/micro-tapes and transfer them into text files that may be printed, emailed or stored on USB devices for your future reference.

Fax and Email Services (including Fax/Email Broadcasting)

We can send and receive faxes/emails on your behalf with our high-speed internet access and our high-quality, plain paper fax machine. As a virtual office client, you may use our fax number on all your promotional documents (i.e. business cards, brochures, and directories). We also offer fax/email broadcasting to any designated list. You can send flyers and information sheets efficiently and at a low cost.

OCR Document Scanning

We can scan your colour photos and prints. We can convert your text documents into digital documents.

Boardroom and Meeting Room Rentals

We have furnished executive offices, meeting rooms, and counselling rooms available for scheduling meetings with your clients. Our virtual clients are able to rent offices on an hourly, half-day, full-day. and weekly basis. For clients interested in longer term options we have special monthly rates and incentive programs for 12+ monthly leases. Give our office a call to discuss.

Online Support Services

We can help your business manage some of your online needs including email redirection, website updates, email broadcasts, and database management.

Business Support Services

Our clients’ needs vary due to the type of businesses they operate and we have been fortunate to be part of growing and establishing many business startups in Kelowna. We are happy to assist our clients with a wide assortment of administrative services such as payment services, banking, booking appointments, order taking, invoicing, and many others. With our large network of business clients we have attracted well established professionals in our local community who offer accounting & bookkeeping services, legal services, counselling, website design.