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The Cost of Coffee in Kelowna

Coffee is a big part of my work day. I use it to help me get going in the morning. I use it to keep warm on a cold Canadian winter’s day. I use it as an excuse to take a break or hang with friends. I know coffee often gets a bad wrap for increasing stress and dehydrating our bodies but, in moderation, it’s awesome! The flavour, warmth and aroma are comforting in a world full of unreasonable expectations and demands.

Coffee was once thought of as a poor mans drink but today, it can become an expensive luxury. High end lattes with crème, coco and a chocolate wafer can cost more than $5 bucks a shot. Prices at this gourmet level will vary depending on the café and the barista’s reputation. A simple 8 ounce cup of black coffee is an easier comparable.

A medium coffee at Tim Horton’s is $1.65. This is the real Canadian bench mark. All coffees in Canada are rated based on this familiar brand. The coffee snobs will choose Starbucks over Tim’s where the same coffee will cost $2.00 a cup. Economy coffee drinkers who drink for “medicinal” reasons will consider a McCafe coffee for $1.60 (McDonalds also has a punch card so seven cups will yield a eighth for free).

Many home offices cannot justify brewing a whole pot of coffee so the new trend is the Kurig style, single brew machine. These are awesome solutions for fresh, hot coffees on demand. Kurigs come in a variety of flavours and dispensing styles. The cost per cup is higher than drip with filters but, you wont throw as much away since you only brew when you want a cup. On the down side, the additional packaging fills our landfill sites and storage for all individually wrapped coffee containers takes up quite a bit of kitchen space.

Drip Coffee can be made with smaller filters for single cups but the most common family size dripper is the famous ten cup carafe.

In an office centre, the consumption level is higher. When a pot of coffee is made, it generally doesn’t sit for long. This ensures freshness while also making it affordable per cup. We also throw all our coffee grinds and filters into our compost pile, eventually to be used in our gardens. Coffee grinds seem to attract healthy red wrigglers and other excellent garden worms.